Friday, December 5, 2008

It's all about me!

I just realized that I used the word "I" (as in me) 20 times in my last post. And I have already used it 4 times in this post. I am (just did it again!)  going to try to not use that particular word in this post because it seems kind of self centered. 

Starting now:
This evening we hosted a movie night at our house. It was for the movie "Sergeant York" that we have to watch for school.  We had fun even though not everyone showed up. Zorro is so nervous around guests! As soon as they walked in the door he darted up the stairs and stayed there the whole evening. Zuzu (the other cat)  sat with one of the boys that came over for pretty much the whole movie happily sleeping. :)

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, full of HW and babysitting.  It is extremely hard not using that word!! Can't think of anything to say without using it. Zorro can officially jump 4 feet into the air. (yes that was random) Has anyone heard of vitamin water? It is the best drink in the world! There is 15 flavors and it is sooooo good. 11 different flavors of bottles are lined up on my dresser. Have a good weekend!



Hannah said...

I know I use I so much! I guess blogs are about yourself. Like your not going to use your blog to talk all about your sister :) lol.

Sarah said...

Pretty good! It is hard not to use that particular word. ;) Me (lol!) is going to try and not use that particular word in this comment.

Ya know what would be hard? Going a WHOLE 24 hours without saying that particular word! And ya can't say 'Me' or 'myself' or anything like that either.

Hey, that could be a good challenge! *the word can't use* will post on my blog, and see how long people can go without saying that word. It will be a challenge. A GOOD challenge. :)

Lauren Ann said...

I have never counted how many times I use the word "I" before!

Lauren ann

Sarah said...


Fwit said...

like, seriously, we are all so self centered...
you make me feel stuck up.


Brooke said...

I love vitamin water!

Joy said...

How was the movie party?? I wish I could've gone, but my brother & mom were sick, and my dad was too tired to drive me. Maybe next time.

Btw: I <3 vitamin water :). My favorite is lemonade flavor!

DragonRider said...

YOu are tagged on my blog.